Beautiful Colors of Fall

in the Great Smoky Mountains

Beautiful Colors of Fall

Many people have been led to believe that all of the majestic fall colors of the Smokies happen in the middle of October, but that is not true. The beautiful fall colors brighten up the mountainsides for about seven weeks or sometimes longer, as the peak colors make their way down the mountains from the highest elevations to the lower foothills of the Smokies.


Autumn colors start lighting up the mountaintops as early as the middle of September at elevations of 4,000 feet or higher. The yellow birch, hobblebush, pin cherry, mountain maple, and American beech light up the mountains from higher vantage points, such as the popular high point of Clingmans Dome.


By mid-October to early November the colorful display has reached the middle and lower elevations of the mountains, offering the most spectacular display in the park or at your cabin rental. At this time, there are scarlet oaks, sugar maples, red maples, sweetgums, and hickories all brightened up with vibrant colors.


You should be aware, though, that the weather does impact the amount of colors and how it appears during a season. If the season has been too wet or too dry, the colors may not be as beautiful as they appear in an ideal season. During the later days of September, the cooler temperatures and sunny days mix with the rain to bring in the vibrant colors on the trees that everyone anticipates.


Autumn wildflowers are also something to behold in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Visitors can see cardinal flowers, black-eyed Susan, great blue lobelia, skunk goldenrod, ironweed, asters, coreopsis, and Southern harebell. Popular drives include Newfound Gap Road, Parsons Branch Road, and the Clingmans Dome Road. It is also an excellent season for hikes to enjoy the wildflowers and trees.


Enjoy a fall filled with color in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. To make your mountain stay even more enjoyable, make sure to stay in a cabin rental in the Smoky Mountains that offers views of the mountaintops while offering luxuries such as hot tubs, pool tables, or swimming pool access. Contact Kajun Cabins at 865-315-2027 to make your reservations for your autumn visit to the mountains.