Cabin Owners

If you would like to make passive revenues from your Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, TN area cabin, with a Professional Management Company like Kajun Cabin Rentals LLC simplies the process for you!


Kajun Cabin Rentals LLC is owned and operated by Guy Nesbit and Dodi Rodrigue (originally from New Orleans, LA). Guy’s business knowledge and Dodi’s administrative/customer service experience and their “Southern Hospitality” brings a new style of cabin rental management to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee. Kajun Cabin Rentals began when Guy and Dodi purchased a cabin and began talking to all the existing cabin rental management companies in the area. They did not want to just be a number of the books, nor did they want to turn over full control of their investment. They also wanted their investment protected.


Kajun Cabin Rentals offers cabin owners the following advantages:

  1. We view our Property Owners as our Partners in success.
  2. Offer a generous 30/70 split on rentals! We do the marketing and general upkeep, you reap the benefits!
  3. No Hidden Fees – our full monthly statements are easy to understand and clearly present deductions and income from your property.
  4. We work on a “reimbursement with receipt program” so owners only have to pay the actual cost of needed cabin supplies.
  5. Flexible Terms. Rent your cabin when you want! Just let us know ahead of time what dates your cabin(s) are not available so we can update availability in our database. There are never any penalties for personal “blackout” dates.
  6. We care about your investment and we work hard to maximize occupancy, without having a “head in the bed” approach to booking.
  7. We Professionally Maintain Your Property. This includes In-house contract Cleaning, Maintenance, Pest Control, and Air Conditioning Repairs.
  8. Professional Marketing Services. Our strong reputation with vacationers and our online presence affords you the opportunity to market your cabin for free to highly-targeted prospects who are planning on visiting Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area.
  9. We value our clients. Unlike other management companies, our representatives take the time to learn more about the customer’s needs and plans prior to their visit. We’re happy to help clients find the perfect cabin and offer advice on activities, events, and attractions that may be of interest to them.
  10. We offer exceptional Customer Service to owners and occupants at all times – 24/7.


But don’t take our word for it, ask our first owners who joined us – Jereamiah and Racheal LaPointe.


“At first, my wife and I weren’t interested in renting. After a few months we decided to try and make some money off of the cabin. So, I checked with a few of the local cabin rental companies to see what they offered, or what kind of “deal” we would get. Most of the companies would take 30-55% of the revenue from the cabin, not including, the maintenance, cleaning, or everything else hidden in their contract ( read the fine print ). This had us discouraged because we really wanted to make it an investment property ( who doesn’t like extra money! )


One day the boys and I were taking the trash out and I met Mr. Guy, and we started talking. He let me know that he owned Kajun Cabin Rentals. I then asked what kind of deal they’d offer. He and Ms. Dodi ( KCR Manager ) came to our cabin and met with my wife and I and they looked at the place. Ms. Dodi was really up front on how she would manage the place and protect our investment. She made us feel like we wouldn’t just be a “number”, like other rental companies, and she proven this true.


We have been with Kajun Cabin Rentals since March ’15. Ms. Dodi has gone far and beyond to let us know about the upcoming rentals, repairs ( if any) on the cabin, maintenance, thoughts on how to improve the cabin. We have a full statement, every month, with the nightly rentals, cleaning costs, repair bill, etc. It’s all broken down and easy to read.


We feel truly blessed and lucky to have found Kajun Cabin Rentals!”

Jeremiah and Racheal LaPointe